La Natura Lifestyle Coffee

Why we are the best

The coffee quality: uncompromisingly organic

For us, organic is not just a question of good taste, but much more. Organic shows our responsibility towards our children, our earth and our future! Our coffees are grown, harvested and processed exclusively according to the strictest guidelines. Every step is carried out without the use of chemicals that can cause unknown damage to our body. These aspects may not play a role in cheap coffees - they are a must for our La Natura Lifestyle coffees!

So you can be sure that you are not only enjoying an aromatic coffee at the absolute top level, but that you are enjoying a purely natural product and giving your body only the best.

          Coffee roasting: only what is given time is really good

One of the most important processing steps for coffee and decisive for the quality in the cup is coffee roasting. 

Most of the known coffees are industrial coffees. This means that these are processed and roasted industrially. The roasting process takes about 2-3 minutes in industry and takes place at extremely high temperatures of up to 700 ° C. Not with us! As the? Quite simply, with us the roasting master decides what is best for the best coffee. And in our case that means a roasting time of 20-25 minutes , almost 10 times longer than in industry. In addition, we roast gently at around 220 ° C , i.e. only around a third of the heat, because this is the only way that the beans get enough time to break down unwanted bitter substances and acids that are unhealthy for our body. Many people who experience heartburn after drinking industrial coffee or who subconsciously have a lot of sugar will be grateful for it . However, our long-term roasting also has a positive effect on the aromas and taste. Your La Natura Lifestyle coffee is therefore characterized by its special softness and variety of aromas .

The freshness guarantee: Oxygen is good, just not for your coffee

What do you mean with that? It's freshness that can be a problem! At least when a coffee - ground or as a whole bean - is exposed to the air. That means, as soon as the packaging is torn open, your coffee ages and very quickly. You will then drink a freshly brewed, hot coffee from the fully automatic machine, but an old one.

We solve this problem very easily with the La Natura Lifestyle freshness capsule, because after roasting, our coffee still has a little time to cool down and degas before it is freshly ground in a special process and then portioned in your capsule immediately. Then the rest of the oxygen is removed from the coffee by a highly complex machine and the capsule is sealed with a fine layer of paper. However, not from ordinary paper, but from a special paper that is made in Japan and guarantees absolute airtightness. We call this Auto Protection.

This is how we guarantee that your La Natura Lifestyle coffee offers you absolute freshness with every cup.

You get the freshest coffee from our capsule.

Die Einzelportion: trinke was Du willst, in der Menge die Du magst und immer frisch

Sounds obvious, but it's not! According to the statistics, every German drinks over 100 liters of coffee per year. There is only one catch to this calculation, because it is correct that more than 100 liters are prepared per person per year. This coffee is not drunk, however, as most of it ends up in the drain.

Why this? Quite simple: a whole pot of coffee is brewed, the first cups are also drunk with pleasure, afterwards you notice that the coffee is becoming increasingly bitter and inedible - then it ends up in the drain. This turns a supposedly cheap coffee into expensive fun.

This cannot happen to you with your La Natura Lifestyle capsule, because you only prepare as much coffee as you really want to drink. Cup by cup. Fresh, aromatic and at the right temperature every time. Nothing ends up in the drain and your coffee enjoyment is also good for the wallet. The household budget will be happy, because in the long run there will be more left for vacation.

The La Natura Lifestyle capsule: Enjoy with a clear conscience

The La Natura Lifestyle BIO coffee comes from controlled organic agriculture. The coffee plants are grown and cared for without the use of synthetic pesticides and easily soluble mineral fertilizers. The coffee comes from carefully selected organic growing areas in the best coffee countries in the world (Ethiopia, Peru, Honduras, Brazil etc.). During the filling process, oxygen is removed from the capsule and neutrogen gas is added. Due to this process, no oxygen and thus no coffee aroma can escape / be lost. Full taste and 100% aroma in the capsule. All of our La Natura Lifestyle capsules are aluminum-free. We only use first-class and best organic coffee in our La Natura Lifestyle capsules. By the way, our capsules are suitable for all common Nespresso ® * 1 capsule machines, not only for our own and you can also have your La Natura Lifestyle capsules conveniently sent to your home or office!

The La Natura Lifestyle coffee machine Smart:

The best coffee at the push of a button: quick - fresh - child's play

The last and most important benefit that you get from La Natura Lifestyle is the coffee machine developed in Switzerland, which is perfectly matched to our industrially compostable ** capsule, as we rely on the invaluable expertise and valuable patents of Gianni Remo during its development could access.

The La Natura Lifestyle coffee machine consists of many patented components that only really work their magic when they work together. These include the very quiet and high-quality pump, the well thought-out water supply system, the preset or individually adjustable coffee quantity and the multi-patented puncture system for perfect aroma development. This puncture system also ensures that the paper membrane is not unnecessarily damaged. The illuminated one-touch buttons are easy to use and clearly positioned.

The best crema is the result. You'll be amazed!

With just one click to perfect coffee enjoyment.

La Natura Lifestyle Milk:

Milk belongs to an Italian coffee specialty

The perfect Crema

Milk capsules from La Natura Lifestyle create a delicious and creamy foam. You can enjoy them alone or in combination with our other drinks.

La Natura Lifestyle Tee

Tee instead of coffee?

The classic alternative

Our La Natura Lifestyle teas are a feast for the senses and tailored to European tastes. Specialties for real connoisseurs and wellness for body and soul. With our teas, too, you can of course be sure to enjoy a purely natural product and give your body its best.

* All prices incl. VAT plus shipping costs
** Industrial compostability: Please find out from your municipal waste disposal company whether they can compost waste in accordance with the EN DIN 13432 standard. Check your local waste disposal regulations. There may be restrictions on what products can be composted.
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