About me

Who is the person behind this website?


  • 1960 born in Germany
  • 1979 high school graduation
  • 1980 Industrial business management assistant (IHK)
  • happily divorced
  • 1 son
  • newly in love and in partnership with the most beautiful woman in Hungary
  • living in Hungary since 2011


  • Webinar Speaker
  • Direct marketing offline and online
  • Founding Member Rainbow Currency (YEM)
  • Founding PRO Platinum Member Webtalk Inc.
  • CEO Digital Assets Consulting Kft.

Because work is not everything in life, leisure time also is part of a successful life! This picture shows it - no fat luxury limousines, no palaces, no South Seas - I enjoy my life and my success (mostly) in my Hungarian homeland.

Maybe this is one of the reasons why my business partners and customers have recommended me again and again, because for me the satisfaction of my customers and partners has always been and still is my main priority!