The crypto currency created by Unicorn Network...

...with the power of over 3200 people - an unique success project!


  Rainbow Currency is the exclusive digital currency within Safezone. It


  • is backed by company shares.
  • is additionally covered by gold.
  • is controlled by a non profit foundation.
  • is strictly limited.
  • is connected to our strong SafeZone economy.
  • and much more



Fast, secur, no fees!

 Pay for products and services with maximum data protection and maximum security within the SafeZone, or buy from external acceptance partners.

Of course, you can also buy and sell the Rainbow Currency exclusively on Cryptocoinstreet (CCS) - or collect it for simple activities in the SafeZone (we do not have a mining system like other crypto currencies).

The 4 nominal units

DAN - the smallest denomination of the Rainbow Currency

Twnkl (YEM) - the only RC unit traded on Cryptocoinstreet (CCS), 1 Twnkl (YEM) = 1,000 DAN

Glitter - 1 Glitter = 1,000 Twnkls (YEM)

Rainbow - 1 Rainbow = 1,000 Glitter

Real Worth by real Economy

Unlike most crypto currencies, the Rainbow currency is linked to a real economy and thus has a real value. The SafeZone is an open network to which countless shops will gradually join with their products and services and accept the Twnkl (YEM) as payment. In addition, there are creative member and artists of all kinds and much, much more...

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