What is SafeZone, how does it work and how can I earn with SafeZone though I can join and stay for free?

 The main questions of our project - and the best explanation is and was given by Dan Settgast in his March 31 webinar in 2017. Please read the following webinar recap: 

Though it is a long text I recommend to read it in complete as it is the BASIC of our whole Network!

 CBM General Webinar Recap

    March 31, 2017

 Presented by: Dan Settgast


Unicorn Network start screen

Dear Unicorn Members,

Thank you for being here today! My name is Dan Settgast, and I am one of the Founders of the Unicorn Network. On 11/11/11 (so on November 11, 2011), we started our Pre-launch, promising a better internet experience for all users. After pre-launch, about 5 years ago, we presented PI, the Perfect Internet homepage. Since then, many exciting things have happened. We added more and more services, and today we are looking at a Group of Companies, even with some projects that are connecting the global internet community with local businesses all over the world.

There are two ways to share an insight into our Group of Companies with you;

1) One, is simply a chart of our Group of Companies, and it looks like this:

Unicorn group of companies

You can see our Holding and Operations Company on top, as well as our Unicorn Foundation, our charitable organization; at least 10% of all profits are going to our charity; and our charity is donating to charitable projects all around the world, based on the recommendations of our members.

Then, you see our several sub-companies with all the things that they do—their business purposes like: Internet Services, Business Directory, Entertainment, Mobile Applications, Marketing Services, Social Communities, Stage and Screen Entertainment, Payment Processor, Health Services, Education, Sweepstakes, Advertising, E-Commerce, Affiliate Network, Privacy/Security, Social Search Engine, and so on, and so on, and so on.

2) And way number two, to tell you about our Group of Companies needs a little bit more time; but I am sure it will give you a better impression of what we have achieved so far, and of all the great things to come.


Unicorn Network start screen

So welcome to the world of the Unicorn!


Our Unicorn Network is built on 8 core values—like respect, privacy, security, and quality. It is our goal to magically change the world, with our outstanding services and projects.

picture Internet (Facebook, Google, Amazon), Data mining, secret profiles

Unfortunately, many internet companies have built their business models on data mining, and on building secret profiles of all internet users. So, in other words, they are MONETIZING private data from you and me that they are collecting.

Internet and Greyzone

Even worse, they allow the bad guys to threaten us with spam emails, phishing, malware, and even fake shops. So, these bad guys try to hack accounts; try to get our credit card details, and other personal data, up to full identity theft; and they try to get malware, viruses, ransomware on our computers and internet devices, so that they can spy on us.

Internet, Greyzone and Darknet

If they're successful, our data and our money disappear into the Darknet. In the Darknet is exactly where these bad guys get NEW email lists, passwords, software, and private data; so that they can do their phishy game again, and again, and again.  

That is why we decided to fulfill our promise for more privacy and more security...

and here is SafeZone

..and to do that we would need to create the SafeZone. Within the SafeZone, we offer maximum privacy, maximum security, no data mining, and malware protection.

The SafeZone is not just a fancy word; the SafeZone is for real!

SafeZone insight

Within the SafeZone, we offer your Perfect Internet experience, especially when it is about privacy, security, and about quality. Just to give you one example for how we protect your privacy, let us talk about PERNUM.  

PERNUM is your personal number for masking all your private data like phone numbers, email addresses, chat names, credit card details, meeting points, and more. Instead of spreading your private data all over the internet, simply store your data just one time; encrypted on our highly-secure PERNUM server, and then simply share your Pernum for communications and transactions. In a few minutes, I will give you a deeper insight into exactly how PERNUM works.  

One example for security: we have integrated a two-step authentication into our websites, which is a One-Time PIN, additionally to your password. This One-Time PIN is your additional layer of security. You are setting up a secret, 6-digit Master PIN, like, you might know it from online banking for example; and this 6-digit Master PIN is used to generate a random One-Time PIN whenever you want to login, to view or to change your personal data, or to execute any transactions. Even if hackers would know your username and password, they will be UNABLE to enter your account, to see your personal data, or to do any transactions in your name.

One example for quality: we have created “Seals You Can Trust” as your new quality standard on the internet; no matter if it is pages, shops, and aps, or even ads for advertising. If you see one of the Seals You Can Trust, you know that you're dealing with real companies, real products, and the best service available—no malware, no viruses, no fake shops, no phishing, no data mining—guaranteed!


PERNUM protection

As promised, let me tell you a little bit more about PERNUM.

This is how PERNUM works:

describing how PERNUM works

…No matter if your phone number, email address, account numbers, shipping addresses, chat names, credit card details, meeting points—simply turn all your private data into one 10-digit number; your personal number, your Pernum!

all private data in one 10 digit PERNUM

 The easiest way to explain how PERNUM works is by explaining PERNUM email.

how PERNUM works with email 

You have a Pernum, let's say 12345, and the person you want to send an email to has a Pernum as well, let's say 54321; and what you now simply do is you send an email instead of to an email address, you send it to recipient 54321. Our PERNUM data base will check to see if the person behind the Pernum 54321, wants to receive emails from you, from your Pernum; if not, your email won’t be delivered, and you would receive a message that this person does not want to receive emails from you. Of course, if this is a person you know, and you've talked with this person before, they know your Pernum, and so you are accredited and your email would be delivered. That means:

a) someone would need to know your Pernum, and

b) they must send their emails from another PERNUM account; and that means there's literally no chance for any spam emails!

So, in the perfect world, all 4,000,000,000 people on this planet, with internet access, would have a Pernum, and would use our internal PERNUM email system.

how PERNUM works with email part 2

But of course, most people use other services like Gmail, or Hotmail, or Yahoo mail, or one of the thousands of other email services out there. With these open system of emails, that is the problem—that’s what is causing all the spam emails. You use your email address to register yourself for newsletters, for services, for shopping accounts; and when one of these tens or even hundreds of databases get hacked, the bad guys have your email address; and the bad guys can send you spam mail.  

So, of course PERNUM offers a solution here, as well. You don't have to change your existing email address, if you don't want to.

how PERNUM works with email part 3

Simply use PERNUM as a shield; which means with your personal number, with your Pernum, you are able to set up not only from which other Pernums you would like to receive emails from, but you can also add your friends and business partners (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, or any other email address), to your white list, as well.

And now, you tell them that [email protected] is your new email address, so the email traffic goes through the PERNUM Service, and PERNUM will do the same check as before, and if the sender is on your white list,

how PERNUM works with email final 

... it will deliver the email to your email account.

If you, for example, sign up for new website, or you have a new personal contact, you don't even have to give them your private email address. You just share [email protected] , and the email will be delivered to your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, whatever mail account, but the sender will never know your real email address. So, if that their server gets hacked, with your email address on their server, the bad guys won't learn your private email address. The only thing that they would learn is [email protected]. And if they send an email to this email address, and they are not the white list, it won't be delivered. Therefore, PERNUM is the perfect tool to make your existing email account spam-free, as well.  

If you would receive a suspicious email from one of the people on your white list, there are two options: they sent it, so then you can think about if you want to receive emails from them in the future; or, you might be pretty sure that it was not them personally, so there’s a high chance their email account has been hacked. So, thanks to PERNUM, you will be able to tell them, “Hey, your email account got hacked. You need to do something.”

Of course, PERNUM is so much more than just an email, privacy and no-spam tool.


What you can see here is our design for our PERNUM App. You can see by the symbols that besides PERNUM Email, we will offer PERNUM Talk, PERNUM Chat, and PERNUMPAY. We will have our own PERNUM Internet Browser, and your Pernum will be your URL for your personal website, or Facebook page, or BOBL page, as well. PERNUM will navigate you to any address, but you don't have to share the address; you just put in the meeting point, or desired address, into the PERNUM system and server, and you create who shall be able to meet with you. So, only people on your white list for navigation, when they say, “Hey, PERNUM, navigate me to Pernum 12345, they will see and receive the address for their navigation software—the same for shipping. And on top of that, your Pernum will be your key to the best deals; and your Pernum will be the key to win valuable prizes, as well.


For example, at Prize Mania: (by the way, since 2012, we have picked a new winner every 10 minutes) your personal number, your Pernum, is your ticket ID for endless, free, prize draws. Simply click on the WINNER button of each category, once per hour, and check if you are the lucky winner; because every 60 minutes we pick a new winner. So, the more often you come back to check, the more you raise your chances to win. We have 6 prize categories from eBooks, to Smart Phones, to Surprise Gifts, real Jewelry, a Shopping Jackpot, and a Cash Jackpot.

And, as we’ve been doing this since 2012, we have already had, not just one, but 2 Cash Jackpot winners! The first one was Sasa from Serbia; and he won more than US$5,100! And, on top of his prize money, we invited him here to our Headquarters in Las Vegas, and he received his prize money live on stage during a Las Vegas Show here on the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. If you think well, “$5,000 is nice, but it could be more...”

Safe Cracker Club

…here we go! At the SAFE CRACKER CLUB, your Pernum can win you US$100,000—and guys, that's a huge amount of money! Because of that, you don't have to trust us; you have to trust a globally-active, insurance company. At the SAFE CRACKER CLUB you type in a 10-digit code (for example, which can be your Pernum); and if your 10-digit code matches the 10-digit code that is in a sealed envelope, in a real safe in the beautiful city of Munich, in Germany, (because the headquarters of the insurance company is in Munich)—if your code typed in is the secret code, you will instantly win US$100,000!

These two websites to win, as well as some more websites, are a part of OUR Perfect Internet.


As you can see from this little commercial at Perfect Internet, we have much more to offer, beside the chance of winning some hard cash; and of these many, many pages,

Perfect Search

…let me introduce this new page to you.

Our Perfect Search

With Our Perfect Search you receive Google search results in privacy. Generally, you will receive the same results as if you were to directly search for a search phrase or website, images or videos at Google, with 2 important differences:

1) Thanks to our cooperation with StartPage, which is the world's most private search engine, Google is not able to identify you; and

      2) For every 10 searches, you receive a reward. For the reward, you can choose between a DEALPoint, and you can collect DEALPoints to shop for free at our FREE SHOPPING CLUB; or, you can choose a Token—and this Token can earn you, for example, US$100,000 at the SAFE CRACKER CLUB; because a Token allows you to type in another 10-digit code, to try your luck.

My News Wall

The same mechanics work on our page, My News Wall. As I am born in Germany, I use My News Wall to read what happens in Germany, and what is driving the people in Germany. And here it is the same: for every 10 news articles that you read, you will receive one Token, or one DEALPoint. So, we are talking about you being rewarded for reading news; and that is, for sure, exclusive to the Unicorn Network.

Within the Perfect Internet commercial, you might have seen “free downloads;” so let me show you what the “free downloads” are about:


So, why do we offer all these free services? And, why do we even give rewards to our members? Well, of course, one thing is about our core values. By offering our own services, that is the only way we can make sure that we can fulfill our privacy, security, and quality promises. But on the other hand, of course, we are doing business. That means, like all other companies, we want to earn some money. The more free services that we offer, the most likely our members will find our e-commerce pages as well. For example this one:


Shobbit - Up to 99% discount

So, Shobbit is one of our many e-commerce brands; and, by the way, in EEBOOX.com; of course, you'll find eBooks for sale, as well. Shobbit is something very, very special; because, thanks to our patent-pending algorithm, Shobbit is the only page, the only website, where you have the chance to receive 99% discount on everything. On this screenshot, you can see a lot of jewelry. When Shobbit will launch, in about a week, you will find not just jewelry, but apparel, electronics, and other products as well, because Shobbit is a marketplace for merchants.  

I am happy to inform you that some of the most successful Power Sellers from other platforms, like Amazon and eBay, have already agreed on joining Shobbit; and using Shobbit as an additional channel to sell their products. The merchant behind these jewelry products, by the way, is selling more than a million items per year on other platforms. But on NONE of the other platforms, do you as a consumer have a chance to get any item with up to 99% discount.  

Here's how it works: every 5 seconds the price drops by 1%, but only the first user pushing the DEAL button is the winner. Only the first user pushing the DEAL button will receive the item for the displayed price. So it is 100% up to you, how long you want to wait. But, have in mind, you have to be the first to push the button; so when the price is right for you, don't wait too long.

So, what happens after the minimum price is reached, or someone push the DEAL button? The item will start at full price again. And I don't know if you know that, but most auction websites out there, even if they tell you that all items started US$1.00, they have minimum prices in their systems; which means you never, never have a chance to buy a certain item for US$1.00. What happens when you place a bid for US$1.00, the software will place a bid for US$2.00; and then you might bid $3.00, and if the minimum price is not yet reached the system will bid $4.00. It will display a name so you think, “Wow, there’s another user,” but, in many cases it's not another user—it’s just that they try to get you to pay a higher price.

The other kind of platforms with floating prices are these websites where the prices falling; and you have to pay to push the deal button, and if after you push the deal button, someone else is pushing the deal button, your 5¢, 10¢  (I've even seen it for 50¢, or a dollar), are gone! We don't do stuff like this at Shobbit, and not on any of our other platforms. You don't have to pay just for pushing a button; and the price that you see when you push the DEAL button, the item is YOURS at the displayed price. We think that this is the fairest way to interact with customers. So, check the Perfect Internet News from time to time, so that you can be one of the first to experience Shobbit, next week.

Totally different topic—one of our other projects....

Happy Health

…called HAPPY HEALTH. HAPPY HEALTH will be your one-stop shop for health, wellness, and fitness. We will have a HAPPY HEALTH Directory. We will have physical HAPPY HEALTH Centers in different cities all around the world. We will have HAPPY HEALTH Formula nutritional supplement products of the highest quality level, based on the guidelines of Dr. James Forsythe; who is a well-known specialist for fighting cancer, and for anti-aging.

For HAPPY HEALTH Edition, we will have books related to health topics. Dr. Forsythe himself, wrote more than 20 books about different topics; and all these books will be especially updated and upgraded exclusively for our HAPPY HEALTH Edition. Additionally, we have one of the best fitness experts on board. His name is David Vaughan, and he is in the process of developing a special HAPPY HEALTH Fitness exercise program.  We will have instructional videos, so that our members will be able to easily follow-up; and in the future we will have fitness studios and gyms all around the world, offering HAPPY HEALTH Fitness; as well as, other HAPPY HEALTH Services.

Happy Health Solutions

Here’s just a mockup of what the HAPPY HEALTH website will look like.  On top of that, HAPPY HEALTH will give Certificates to health services…

Products. certificated by Happy Health

...and products, if they meet the high quality standards of Dr. Forsythe.

Here, I would like to share with you one more thing that is very, very special about the Unicorn Network, and that is that we are an open network. Don’t think that we create Seals and Certificates, and then we only use them for our own products, services, and websites. No! Every product, every website is welcome within the SafeZone; and, if they fulfill our requirements for privacy, security, and quality, they are welcome! So, we are creating an open platform; and at the same time while we are establishing new standards, in the interests of all internet users.

Next topic; again, a totally different topic...

Most Famous

Entertainment! Our headquarters is in Las Vegas, and Las Vegas is the world capital of entertainment. No city has more theaters, more shows running, and more people visiting per year. 43,000,000 people visit Las Vegas every year; and on average they watch somewhere between one and two shows. So, of course, our Group of Companies has an entertainment division as well, which is Most Famous, Inc. And under our main entertainment brand, Most Famous, Inc., we have several projects like our Biggest Talent Contest, our Biggest Talent Contest, right now, is in the 3rd season, and we have artists from more than 40 countries fighting for the title of the Biggest Talent 2017.

The 8 Finalists will be invited to perform live on stage here in Las Vegas, later this year. I know that some of the artists might be here today, on the webinar, waiting for the winners of Phase Two to be announced—the Biggest Talent per country; but of course, we will make this a special webinar next week, just for Biggest Talent. The date and time are below.

Once per year, we have our Most Famous Awards Show, including red carpet, and step and repeat, here in Las Vegas as a live show. And two of our other entertainment projects are related to screen entertainment.  VEEDEO TV is a platform where you will find high-quality content, generated by users, and moderated and produced by TV professionals. Talking about TV professionals, we are very proud to have people like Pete Demas, who is a former vice president at MTV and Stars Entertainment onboard; as well as Matt Gallant, who is a successful TV host here in the U.S. One of his shows, The Planet's Funniest Animals, which he hosted for 5 seasons, is broadcast all over the world. So, you might have seen him on your TV screen before.  

These guys are taking care of our project VEEDEO TV. The tagline for VEEDEO TV is “Channel your life,” so we will have several channels—a news channel, a music channel, a comedy channel, of course, a HAPPY HEALTH channel; and we will have several sports channels as well. We've just signed a contract with a company from Mexico which has been producing for more than a decade now: Combat Sports, Fight Sports, boxing, wrestling, freestyle, Thai boxing, and Lucha fights. They offer subscription and pay-per-view services, and they’ve decided to have a free channel for Fight Sports, exclusively at VEEDEO TV.

Do you remember My News Wall? Well, what we will have now is My TV Wall as well; where you can pick TV stations from all over the world, and have them all at your fingertips on one page.

The last Entertainment project for today that I want to introduce you to is our BEST SEAT CLUB. At the BEST SEAT CLUB, we will bring you the finest entertainment from Las Vegas; as well as, from all around the world, to the comfort of your home.  


Best Seat Club

This Whitney Houston Tribute Event will take place the weekend of Sept. 9th and 10th, here in Las Vegas—live, in one of the huge theaters. The Unicorn Network and the BEST SEAT CLUB, exclusively, will bring the livestream of this huge event to people from all over the world. If you cannot make it to Las Vegas, and you are not lucky enough to get one of the 2,000 tickets for the live event, you will be able to watch the show in the comfort of your home. On top of that, with our Most Famous Event location network, we will have karaoke bars, night clubs, discotheques, movie theaters, hotels, convention centers celebrating this Whitney Houston Tribute Event together with us, by organizing local tribute events; and as a highlight of these events, to show the livestream of the concert; or, if it is impossible due to the time zones to show the (live) event, maybe (it would be)1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 hours later, so that it fits the local time zone.

So, enough talk about entertainment.

Perfect Pages

Our next topic: our global, local business directory, PerfectPages. PerfectPages together with our Perfect Bonus System, is perfect for any small and medium business on this planet to do targeted, high-quality marketing. With the Unicorn Network, it is impossible that things happen like has just been happening on Google and YouTube, where hundreds of companies withdrew their advertising from YouTube (and Google), because they don't want to see their advertising beside, before, or in-between low quality (ads) or even videos with types of content...we don’t even want to talk about that type of content here. That is why quality is one of our core values, having a team overlooking and checking content.  

Of course, that does mean that not everybody is able to simply upload stuff without control—no! We hand-pick the best content. And who knows best what kind of content you are interested in? That is YOU, and that is why influence is one of our core values as well. We listen to our members, and we add the content you would like to see, and that you would like to find within our Unicorn Network, if we can do it by ourselves; or within the SafeZone, when there is a third-party company offering the perfect products or services—of course, (only) if they fulfill the SafeZone quality, privacy, and security requirements, for your safety.

Under the roof of PerfectPages is Cashback Marketing, as well. We launched Cashback Marketing exactly a year ago; and because the PerfectPages has not been ready for all the Marketing Instruments, we have made some very, very special offers at Cashback Marketing, to sweeten the waiting time.

Now finally, the waiting time is over, which means from April onward Cashback Marketing will be mainly focused on small and medium businesses from all around the world, who are interested in the best marketing strategies. But, of course, we will keep at least one Special Marketing Pool for those of you who would like to benefit from online marketing, but you might not have your own website, product, or company.

So, that means we will see some changes at Cashback Marketing within the next few days. We will keep the so-called Mega Marketing Pool, as well as the special SMP open until Monday, April 3, 2017 (at least). That is absolutely the last date for these two offers (The offers will close anytime without warning after April 3, 2017). After Monday, we will go back to our standard Global Marketing Pool, which is still unbelievable—up to 50% cashback within 365 days! Guys, that means that small and medium businesses from all around the world can save up to 50% of their marketing budget; or even better, receive more marketing power on the same budget, thanks to our Cashback Marketing.

And with our unique Budget-Back Guarantee, every Cashback Marketing customer knows that they are always covered by far, better, than they are covered with any other marketing service provider. If you are waiting for the day when Google ads, or Facebook ads, are giving you a guarantee, “If you don't sell anything, we will give your budget back,” I am pretty sure you will need to wait for a long time!

You can see here one more logo, the Vegas Deals Directory, this is just here to let you know that besides our global, local business directory, we will have several local, regional, national, or topic or industry-related directories as well.

Vegas Deals Directory

The first one, of course, is related to Las Vegas and at the Vegas Deals Directory. These 43,000,000 visitors of Las Vegas per year, will be able to find the best deals in Vegas for shows, dining, tours, shopping, hotels, spas, services, activities—all included. Every Vegas Deals Directory...

Vegas Deals Bonus Card

...customer will receive a Vegas Deals BONUS CARD. This bonus card, thanks to our global Perfect Bonus System, is not just valid in Las Vegas. It is good to receive discounts in online shops and local shops, all around the world!

On the backside of the card, you can see a special 10-digit bonus code, and guess what? This is cross-marketing for our SAFE CRACKER CLUB. So, just for signing up for free for the Vegas Deals Directory; of course, people will have the chance to win up to US$100,000.

When we started 5 years ago, we promised our members that we would share our success with you. One way to share our success is by giving you benefits and rewards, Tokens, DEALPoints, free downloads, FREE SHOPPING CLUB, chances to win every 10 minutes, and so on, and so on. And Cashback Marketing (the cashback), is another way that we share our success with you. On top of that...

We Share Success (WSS)

…we do that with our project We Share Success (WSS), as well. We Share Success is your business opportunity on the internet. We Share Success is our Affiliate Marketing Network.

So how does affiliate marketing work?

How Affiliate Marketing works

This circle is starting on the right. You, as an affiliate, create a relationship with the business. Then, you, the affiliate, advertise products and services of that business; for example, on your website, on your Facebook page, or on your blog. So, the internet users visiting your pages see the advertisements; click on it, so the business receives traffic of interested, internet users. If these internet users, who clicked on a banner, or text link on your website, are closing a deal, ordering something (a product or service), then you receive a commission.

So, generally that sounds great; no risk. Normally, don't have to pay to become an affiliate, and you can earn money—cool.

How Affiliate Marketing works in the past

But, with other providers, you need a topic-related website, blog, or forum. You need to place ads on your pages; and the timeframe is limited. If someone is clicking on an ad on your page, and they don't buy immediately, but come back to that page after 30, 60, or 90 days, and they buy something, it doesn't count for you—even if you brought them to that website. There are thousands of affiliate programs out there, and you need to apply for each of them, if you want to have more than one.  And each affiliate program has their own rules.

the difference in We Share Success (WSS)

So what makes We Share Success different?

WSS Diffierence 1

At We Share Success, you just need ONE registration. When you are a Unicorn Member, you become an Affiliate Member. You just need to upload a Proof of Identity (POI) and a Proof of Address (POA), because by law we need to know, if we do business with you; and we're talking business here. By law, we are required to know with whom we are dealing. But ONE registration is enough for all our business opportunities!

So that means, remember PERNUM? Our members can buy easy-to-remember numbers, instead of their random, free Pernum. If you have invited this member, and they buy a Pernum, you will receive a commission. Remember Shobbit? When one of the members you invited is closing a deal on Shobbit, you will receive a commission. Remember HAPPY HEALTH? If someone is buying a book, or a HAPPY HEALTH Formula product, and you invited this person, you will receive a commission. Remember EEBOOX? If someone is ordering a paid eBook, you will receive a commission, if you invited this person. Remember the BEST SEAT CLUB? If someone is buying a ticket, and you invited this person to the Unicorn Network, you will receive a commission; and so on, and so on, and so on. So, this means thanks to just ONE registration,

WSS Diffierence 2

...you'll never miss an opportunity. Of course, if you have a website, then you can advertise certain products or services. If you have an entertainment-related website, you can place a banner for the Whitney Houston Tribute Event...

WSS Diffierence 3

But, with We Share Success, there's NO NEED to advertise;

WSS Diffierence 4

Because the only thing you need to do is invite free members to join the Unicorn Network, and to join the SafeZone.

Unicorn Traffic Generation

Look, this is how the Unicorn Traffic Generation works for you. Invite other people to join for free, so they will find all the free prize draws, free lotteries, free services, free downloads and they will automatically win or collect free DEALPoints or Tokens; and, of course, they will check, “What can I do with my DEALPoints?” For example, at the FREE SHOPPING CLUB. “What can I do with my Tokens?” for example, at the SAFE CRACKER CLUB. So, as they learn that our services are for real, with the highest privacy, security, and quality standards, they want to collect more benefits. So, to do that, they have TWO options: they themselves invite new free members, and/or they automatically visit our other Unicorn websites; and there they consume advertising, and there they might buy our products, or services.

So you don't need to be a Whitney Houston fan; and you don't need to promote this special event, if you don't want to; if you don't want to spread the word. But, if someone invited by you is interested, and they see one of the Whitney Houston banners on one of our websites within the Unicorn Network, and they click on it, and they buy a ticket; the only thing that counts is who invited this member—and if it was you, you receive the commission!

To make it even sweeter for you, besides your commissions, you receive so-called Family Bonuses on the activity of your invited members. So, if they invite people who use a paid service, or buy a product, you will receive a bonus, a cash bonus—free for you to withdraw, or spend it within the Unicorn Network.  

Unicorn Network - Magically Changing the World

This is, I mean now, ALL of this, what I've presented to you in the last hour, and about 45 minutes— THIS is what makes the Unicorn Network so special! This is how we are magically changing the world!

So, thank you for listening.

WAAAZZUUUB! Don't forget to bobl. Be proud to be a Unicorn; and always, HAPPY HEALTH.

Thank you for listening. Don’t forget to check the Perfect Internet News for special launch dates, and for the next webinars; and all the best to you. Thank you, bye bye.

With your success in mind,

Dan Settgast and        

your WAZZUB Support Team

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