Unicorn Ambassador - Your new Challenge

The Unicorn Network is an Internet based company, where success is shared freely with the members. Unicorn Network is part of an Internet based company established since 2011, which includes a whole galaxy of various brands providing excellent member benefits such as Rewards and Affiliate earnings, a FREE Global interactive talent competition, FREE lotteries, FREE email, FREE Shopping, and many others.

Unicorn Network is seeking worldwide qualified candidates for the position of Unicorn Ambassador.

In the position of Unicorn Ambassador, you will be representing the Unicorn Network group of companies within your country or region. You will increase the popularity of the Unicorn Network and its brands and you will establish and increase the sales of those brands. You will work closely with the Unicorn Network to develop business strategies, local action plans, motivate the members and to ensure transparency regarding assignments and goals. You will work to protect and increase the positive reputation of the Unicorn Network.



1) You must reside in the Country for which you apply.

2) You must have a minimum 4-year College diploma/degree or you must have management level experience of 5 years or more.

4) You must be proficient in your local language(s); reading, writing, and speaking.

5) You must be proficient in English; reading, writing, and speaking—must be able to translate well from English to local language as required.

6) You must be proficient with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, and using the Internet – must own your own   computer and have a stable and sufficient Internet connection for fulltime duties.

7) You must be able to commit a minimum of 40 hours per week and commit to attend meetings at odd hours, when required.

8) Your knowledge in e-marketing and social networking and your experience in sales and customer service are required.

9) Having a good speaking voice for interviews and possible radio show is preferred.

10) You must be able to provide references for current and previous jobs where applicable.


You are interested in more details? Please send your email to:

Heiner Hoeving
Team Leader & Coach

[email protected]

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