Registration Options for the SafeZone

You can register in the SafeZone via various pages and/or links. With a registration on one page your credentials incl. PERNUM, Master Pin (please write both down!) are valid on all our pages.

Membership in the SafeZone project is FREE for life! You don't take any risks.

1) Registration via

      make privacy and security to your highest standards 

2) Registration via 

       register here via our Ebook Affiliate Program.

3) Registration via

       this is the registration link for our auction platform 

4) Registration at

5) Registration via

       here is our hottest link to SOLAR ENERGY REVOLUTION

6) Registration at

     this is the home of Affiliates

7) Registration at

     our platform for  marketing, marketing instruments and for all who want earn money with our Special Marketing Campaign

8) Registration at

     here you can win every 10 minutes!

9) Registration at

       WazzUb World provides you with news about Unicorn Network/Safezone and rewards your active participation with YEM

more links will follow

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