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Welcome everyone.

As we mentioned in our social channels, understand that we are a team; all of us working together are a team. Just like, for example, if you were watching a race, like Formula 1, where there is a team working together, and if one team member has some challenges, it does not mean that the whole team is not doing anything; but what it does mean is that sometimes things might take a little bit longer than anticipated at first. However, you still keep going, and you can still win the race even with facing some challenges. So, I just want everyone to understand that.

Now, as far as what we’ve got going on today on Cashback Marketing, let me tell you that it is very exciting.

Cashback Marketing has been going on since 2016, and in that time millions in commissions, bonuses, and cashback have all been rewarded.

We have listened to your feedback since we first opened, and we have made significant improvements. That is what I am going to share with you today. I am going to tell you how this works, and then you will be able to read and understand it, and if you have questions, of course, we have our social channels, so definitely come and be social with us, and if additional clarification is needed, we can provide that.

One of the biggest concerns that was brought up was about the transparency. Now CBM is integrating smart-contract blockchain features so this means that we will be able to provide the transparency that everyone desires, and you will really understand how the whole thing works.    


How does it work?

Cashback Marketing (CBM) is first and foremost, THE way to advertise within the SafeZone open network, as well as it is offering marketing options for every level of interest—even a marketing newbie. Just like all marketing establishments, advertisers and marketers must deposit marketing budget to use any Marketing Instruments, like banners and more, marketing budget is deposited in CBM in US$30/3.000 YEM increments called Marketing Units, which have an added feature in the form of daily cashback on unused marketing budget. This is our way of saying “thank you” for being our customer.

As an ERC20 utility token, each Marketing Unit is now using smart-contract Blockchain features for even more value, flexibility, and transparency. Marketing Units are now limited to 1,000,000 units in 2 types: 500,000 are able to be purchased with YEM (former Twnkl) (trading symbol will be CBMT) and 500,000 are able to be purchased with fiat currency like USD (trading symbol will be CBMD). The sales of these units are unlimited on a first-come, first-served basis.

Marekting Units Comparison Dollar - TWNKL

How does the cashback work?

Since 2016, cashback has been offered at a fixed rate of 0.13% for 365 days with a 2% bonus, making the maximum cashback on each unit up to 50%. There will be no change here.

What will change is there will be no need for the Marketing Units to remain in a special pool (formerly known as the Global Marketing Pool), and as long as the Marketing Units stay as "unused Marketing Units," they are able to collect cashback.

Now let me be clear. Since the opening of CBM in 2016, there are still Marketing Units that have been purchased at various times and they will be integrated with these updated features as well. So what I am talking about here will apply to all units.

The previous rules for the older Marketing Units, do not apply and have changed.       

So this streamlines the steps needed when you want to use your marketing budget for your marketing and advertising. Cashback is booked to your CBM balance. Cashback on CBMT (YEM-based units) is paid in YEM, and cashback on CBMD (Fiat currency-based units) is paid in USD.

(Note: Unicorn Network, Inc. and Cashback Marketing Ltd. reserve all rights and especially the right to strictly limit cashback at a later date or employ other methods to prevent and stop cheating and fraud anytime, without notice.)


So what can you do with these Marketing Units?

Marketing Units can be be hol as unused units to collect cashback on them allowing you to maximize your marketing budget, of course they can be used for Marketing Instruments, and, now they can also be traded on the blockchain if desired.

Let me also be clear: the main purpose of these Marketing Units is marketing and advertising. Users who choose to trade on the blockchain, they do so at their own risk and reward. So this option is there to give you flexibility and freedom, which you did not have previously.   

No cashback can be collected on any units transferred to the blockchain. Remember, as I said: as long as your Marketing Units are hold as unused units, only then they can collect cashback.

If you do transfer units outside to the blockchain, and maybe you trade them with someone, or you don’t sell them and you decide later that you want to do more marketing and then you move those units back to your unused units, you can collect cashback on those units again. However, understand the fixed rule of 365 days cashback with the 2% bonus, still applies.

For example, you collect cashback for 100 days and then you transfer that unit to the blockchain and you sell it (trade it) to someone else; or, you don’t sell it and you decide later you want to bring it back, the unit already has 100 days of cashback already collected on it, so that means that only 265 days of cashback would be able to be further collected, before that unit would stop collecting cashback.

If somebody buys it from you, and later decides to return the unit to CBM, the unit still has 265 days of cashback to be collected.

When collecting cashback stops, or if you want to do marketing or advertising at any time, simply use your marketing unit, because CBM offers Marketing Instruments.

I will get into more details about how exactly it works, as we go. 

Transfer of Marketing Units and the effect by doing this

Marketing Instruments offered by Cashback Marketing, have many benefits for family-friendly, discerning, and visionary businesses, clients, and individual marketers.

The SafeZone open network has millions of members, it is always growing and evolving, and they desire only the highest quality businesses, products, and services. For many, this is an untapped market just waiting for the right businesses to share in the success. The unique maximum security, privacy, and quality model of the SafeZone open network provides the ultimate place to attract the clientele who values the everyday high-quality product to the best luxury services, and businesses who are proactively respecting and protecting their privacy (meaning their customers’ privacy).

In a world where every day it seems another business is selling our data behind false pretenses, or having low regard for security of the data they hold, or even creating secret profiles to snoop and invade our lives, the SafeZone open network stands apart with an undying commitment to all users’ maximum security, privacy, and quality. So, welcome to our global family.

Advertise your business, create a unique reward for your current clients and customers, or get started even if you have no product or service to promote. Cashback Marketing has the tools you need.

For members and creative members, CBM offers the Special Marketing Campaign (SMC), which is a Marketing Instrument, where after 180 days you share in the success of experts. Add your Marketing Units to the SMC and the CBM experts do the marketing campaigns on their own, where you receive up to US$60 in commissions for every CBMD Marketing Unit amd up to 6,000 YEM for every CBMT Marketing Unit; or if US$30/3,000 YEM or less in commissions are generated per Marketing Unit, the SMC Guarantee is activated and you receive your Marketing Unit back to collect more cashback, or to be used in any offered Marketing Instrument. Now, that is guaranteed marketing without risk.

For those who purchased pre-sale Marketing Units, they are automatically in the new Special Marketing Campaign (SMC 2018) as per the special offer, and follow the new rules for Special Marketing Campaigns. The timer begins once the CBM site is re-launched (within the coming days). If the SMC Guarantee is activated, then the unused Cashback would be available, once the unit is returned to your unused Marketing units.

And don’t forget, the cashback goes on a fixed timetable: 365 days maximum with 2% bonus on the 365th day. So, if during that time you decide that you want to participate in any Marketing Instrument, whether it’s the Special Marketing Campaign, or you want to run a banner ad, a Radio spot, whatever the case is… when you move that unit to use it in that Marketing Instrument then the cashback timer stops and the unit is used. But the system keeps track of the cashback you have previously gotten. Then depending on the marketing campaign that you are running (if it is guaranteed or not), for example if you are participating in the Special Marketing Campaign, if you received your unit back (because the guarantee was activated), you could keep continuing receiving cashback, if you have not hit that 365-day limit when the unit is back to your unused Marketing Units. If you receive commissions (talking about the Special Marketing Campaign specifically) or use the units in a campaign without a Budget-Back Guarantee, that means the units that you used will be spent, they will go back to CBM, who will re-set the cashback timer and then CBM can sell them to a new client, or maybe you want to purchase more.  

That is the process that re-sets the Marketing Unit, and allows new cashback to be collected upon it, when the unit is bought again and placed among the unused Marketing Units.

So to recap: You are free to maximize your budget by collecting cashback on your unused Marketing Units, before moving them to any Marketing Instrument. Be aware though that the object of Cashback Marketing is marketing, so you should have some idea of what you want to spend your Marketing Units on, when you buy any.

Understand that after 365 days, no further cashback can be collected, so you must USE your Marketing Unit, either by transferring it to the blockchain and selling it, or use it in a Marketing Instrument (like the SMP); otherwise it is just sitting there waiting with your unused units and doing nothing.

So the only way to actually spend a Marketing Unit, (meaning after you use it, it eventually re-sets back to CBM), is to buy a Marketing Instrument that has no Budget-Back Guarantee, or if the guarantee is not activated because you achieved results; or put it in the SMC (which automatically comes with the SMC Guarantee), where more than US$30/3,000 YEM are generated in commissions after 180 days, or if you sell it directly by transferring it on the blockchain.

CBM Guarantee Comparison

Many of you I am sure have seen our CBM website, and we talk about a Budget-Back Guarantee on marketing, as well. So what does that mean?

Well that is offered on certain Marketing Instruments, like banner ads, articles and more, where by having a private consultation with one of our Sales & Marketing team members, you will be able to have a guaranteed campaign. And if you do not see results based upon your personal situation and personal strategy that you are using, then you would receive those Marketing Units back that were covered under that Budget-Back Guarantee. Then the same would apply as with the SMC: if you have not collected the 365 days of cashback, the cashback would resume, as long as they stay with the unused units.

So this is really huge. The flexibility with this whole process, and the way the marketing campaigns can be done…it’s huge! And this allows every business, whether you are a small business, an independent marketer, or a big business, you can advertise, maximize your marketing budget, and receive guaranteed advertising; which is virtually unheard of, and especially not the way that we do it. So this is absolutely a game-changer.     



What kinds of marketing campaigns will CBM experts do?

Cashback Marketing will promote Unicorn Network products, services, and partners. For example, CBM is the official marketing partner for Solario and will promote Solario and other WSS Affiliate Partners; commissions generated will be shared with all participants in the SMC. So if someone is signing up at Solario with no invite link, then it's CBM who gets commission.


How do you cash out cashback and commissions?

As it is now a standard within all the SafeZone and Unicorn Network projects, for our verification and security, all Dollar commissions and cashback have a 30-day hold time before they can be used or cashed out (you must have a verified account and US$50 minimum to cash out). Once your commissions and cashback are available, simply transfer your balance to WSS in order to cash out and follow the steps, or use it for any other means within the offered options. For example, you can purchase SOLARIO tokens, or purchase something on TWNKLBDS… you can use your balance in many different ways.

Also understand, to ensure fair and smooth running operations of verifications and cashouts, cashout requests are limited in amount (up to US$599 at a time); staggered after a completed cashout (30-day hold time before requesting second cashout request from available funds); and cashouts are always verified and processed on a first-come, first-served basis (be sure your info is up to date before requesting your cashout for fastest processing).



How do you purchase Marketing Units?

Once the website is re-launched, log in to your CBM account (or if you are a new member, you need to register), select which type of unit you wish to purchase and complete your payment. CBMT token payments are completed through the PernumPay in YEM. CBMD token payments are completed through bankwire (USD or EURO options available). And we will see about other options as we go. This is what I know will be available right away.

I know that was a lot of information for everyone, but we will have a recap and you will be able to read it through.

And about the transparency of the units, as I mentioned, you will be able to see through the blockchain various details, like how long casbhback was collected, if you transfer them, and in your CBM account you’ll see when units are purchased, when you use them for Marketing Instruments, how much cashback is collected, etc.

Now let us answer a few questions. If you have a question, pls let me know, and also share your feedback.

[Feedback shared was very positive from members about these new developments at CBM.]


Q: What will be the rate for YEM to buy Marketing Units for the SMC?

A: We will have the final information on that, when the site re-launches. So look for that on the CBM website.

The starting rate for YEM to USD will be US$0.01, so a US$30.00 Marketing Unit will cost 3,000 YEM.


Q: Are there bonuses on the SMC (Special Marketing Campaign)?

A: No, there are no bonuses on the SMC. That is a straight commission to the member who participated. (Bonuses are paid out already on the purchase price of the Marketing Unit through WSS.)


Q: If you are buying with YEM, how will you receive money afterwards... in YEM also? Or is there a possibility to get in US$?

A: Commissions and bonuses on Marketing Unit purchases from CBM, are always payed out in the currency type that they were bought in.

Purchased units with YEM = payed out in YEM

Purchased units in fiat currency = payed out in USD


Q: How much commissions will we receive on the Marketing Unit purchased on 1st generation and the 2nd generations to 5th generations?

A: The commissions and bonuses on Marketing Unit purchases may stay the same. We will have more specifics in WSS when the Affiliate campaign re-launches, as far as percentages.


Q: What will be the limit for Marketing Units using YEM?

A: No, there will be no limit. They are first-come, first-served for the CBMT units. So take this time to understand everything and prepare yourself for the exciting things that are coming.

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