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The most important information first: Participation in PrizeMania is and will remain FREE for ever! To participate in PrizeMania, register with us for free and you will get your lifetime PERNUM, which is at the same time your ticket number for the prize draw.

Your PerNum has more than 140 winning chances every day. To check if your PerNum has won, simply click the CLICK-TO-WIN button in each category every hour. You are only entitled to your winnings if your PerNum is confirmed as a winner after clicking the button. The winner list at the bottom of the website does not represent a claim to a prize, it simply shows which PernNums have been drawn in the last 60 minutes, regardless of whether or not they have confirmed the prize by clicking the CLICK-TO-WIN button.

You can win e-books, smartphones, jewelry, surprise gifts and even a cash or YEM jackpot.

More than 100,000 winners since 2012

Since the launch of PrizeMania in 2012, we have picked more than 100,000 winners and a new winner is added every 10 minutes. Are you the next one? 

PrizeMania remains permanently for FREE. In addition, we never send you unwanted emails and we never share your information with third parties.

Real winnings without hooks

Prizes will be sent to you without charging fees or shipping costs - worldwide! This is what distinguishes us from many other lotteries. PrizeMania makes a difference!

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