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WSS is the affiliate network for the SafeZone. WSS uses Invitation Marketing to promote products and services, while offering active and passive lifetime commissions and bonuses to all affiliates up to 5-generations deep.

What is Invitation Marketing?

As an affiliate, simply invite people to join free, when they (or someone they invite up to 5-generations deep) makes a purchase, you collect a commission or bonus. There is no obligation to buy any products, no obligation to sell any products, and there is no obligation to promote a specific website or product to share in the success.

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As a business, join our network to promote your products/service, receive free traffic, only pay a commission when a sale is made. Business owners decide at what rate of commission they offer in total, WSS splits that amount with 95% going directly to the affiliate and those who invited them, up to 5-generations deep.

What else is planned?

WSS offers affiliate ways to receive commissions and bonuses based on their activity and the activity of those they invite (5-generations deep) with a Global Success Pool (for affiliates receiving bonuses) and a Personal Success Pool (for affiliates receiving direct commissions). These special pools will be implemented in 2018, and all commissions and bonuses received prior to the launch date will count and will be retroactive for each affiliate accordingly.

What is the catch as a business?

Sorry no catch. Join for free, we promote your website, you get free traffic, and you only pay commissions on sales.

What is the catch as an affiliate?

Sorry no catch. Join for free, invite others to join for free, and receive commissions and bonuses when sales happen. There is no obligation to sell, no obligation to buy, and no obligation to promote a specific website or product. Simply invite others for free to any participating website, and share in the success from all participating websites.

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