Anyone starting his or her own business on the Internet needs advertising. Without advertising, any kind of business activity is doomed to failure. 

In the following I list advertising possibilities successfully used by myself. Some of the offers can be used free of charge, but then require more time. Look at the offers and choose according to your personal needs. 


I deliberately put this company as the first recommendation on this page. Maybe you feel the same way as I do: I want to set up my own website/blog/shop, but I don't know anything about programming, HTML etc.. Professionally I don't have the time to watch dozens of videos or read hundreds of blog posts to understand or to try out how I design my internet presence.

I have tried almost ALL well-known and certainly good alternatives with free offers in order to be able to test first of all whether I get what I would like to have in the end. 
Unfortunately, that didn't work. So I continued to search the internet and found what I was looking for at Mozello! Simple templates that even I understand. Simple changes, no long studying of videos or contributions necessarily, thus simply immediately start and I had really my own side ready within a few minutes. 

2 things are particularly worth mentioning: The support answers also on Sunday AND I can design my page multilingual, which you can see here on my page. Just give it a try, for free!

Once you decide to purchase one of their paid packages in addition you will get your own domain included.

Create an awesome website, online store or blog, for free
This program has supported me since 2012 and has already brought me countless positive results.


This website offers various possibilities to get traffic to your own website. The interesting aspect here is that different regions of the world can be selected in a targeted manner. 

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