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Welcome to Team HH!

We from Team HH want to help you to earn money on the internet in simple steps. You may answer now that this is exactly what many other teams, people and websites promise. Correct! We know that. And that's why we are here, so you can experience the difference for yourself. We don't propose a new business every month, which is "the best business ever" for you. We are and remain constant and have been for years! Several thousand partners can confirm this.

Yes, we have changed our focus, taken down businesses from this page. This does not mean that these businesses are unsuccessful, bad or to be viewed critically. No, some businesses need more time to develop, others are so explanation-intensive that they go beyond the scope of a website and can be better presented in a video series.

Here we want to show you what you can do to be successful immediately and earn money in a short time. Our main focus is on organic coffee and organic tea - because everybody knows coffee and tea, coffee and tea do not know crises! Therefore you get an easily duplicable possibility to earn money, from our point of view much better than with products or services that need a lot of explanation.

Our main Projects

1) Cup Fresh - LaNatura Lifestyle

Earn money with an everyday habit.                                                                                                                                                                                        381 billion Euro were spent on coffee in 2019.                                                                                                                                                                        531 billion Euro it will be in 2025.

Everyone knows coffee.                                                                                                                                                                                                                You don't need to explain coffee.                                                                                                                                                                                                Coffee knows no crises.

The time has come to turn your daily habit into money and help you earn. We are launching the world's first Generation One Touch Concept, which rewards you for drinking coffee and tea.

Interested? Get in touch with us! The registration as team partner is just possible after a personal talk with us. You can find our contact details under Contact/Impress


WEBTALK is more than just social media, because it combines functions from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram. WEBTALK is the first and so far only social media platform that rewards its members for activities on the website. In return, 50% of WEBTALK's profits are shared with the members.

At the same time you can also inform your contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and soon also Instagram with just one click from WEBTALK. We think THIS is brilliantly simple and supports you in your social media activities.

In addition, the website provides you with a fantastic contact management system that we have never seen before on any other website or platform.

You also have the possibility to use your WEBTALK profile as a virtual business card for your business. This is also ingenious - and above all, it's FREE!

To use WEBTALK, just click on the banner at the bottom and in the newly opening window on the top right on the "Join Now" button.